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The 100 is happily exceeding expectations of a teen dystopia.

You'll cry again just thinking about it.

Cinderella Needs No Cinder-FELLA Disney Damsels Are No Longer In Distress. Read More To Find Out Why!

It's a small step forward for better LGBT representation on television, but the show still has a long way to go.

Imagine a world where individual Pokémon started their own businesses.

Incredible Fan Artists from Long Beach Comic Con!

It's about loving yourself, no matter what the body shamers say.

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Don't ever let the Oscars tell you that your favorite movies aren’t as important as Important Movies.

We can't help but fall in love with Lady Edith on this season of Downton Abbey.

...and fan art, cosplay, and everything else you nerds are up to.

If you ever thought that Severus Snape was actually super creepy in his pursuit of Lily Potter, you're not alone.

House of Cards fan art is just as devious and intriguing as the real show.

Go ahead and put your fannish heart on your sleeve.

Supernatural is passing the Bechdel test for once.

One Directioner Zayn Malik cannot stop tweeting his own fan art. And it’s adorable.