Here’s how to stitch your own TARDIS notebook (VIDEO)

Take your next notebook from blah to geronimo in just a few simple steps. Even if you’ve never sewed before, this is an exceedingly simple craft to do. Are you ready? Take my hand.

Here’s what you’ll need:

hammer and nail
embroidery thread
TARDIS template

First, print and cut out the TARDIS template. Trace it onto your notebook.

Open your notebook and lay it on top of a surface like a magazine that you won’t mind punching holes into. Hammer holes along the traced lines.

1 TARDIScraft

The holes can be as close or far apart as you’d like, but if they’re too close, you’ll risk accidentally tearing through your notebook when you stitch them.

2 TARDIScraft

Stitch along the holes using a backstitch. Don’t know how to backstitch? It’s easy! It’s a simple way to create straight embroidery lines.

3 TARDIScraft


Knot it off and you’re done. Fantastic!

4 TARDIScraft

5 TARDIScraft