How Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess became our body image idol

Lumpy Space Princess, from the wildly popular animated series Adventure Time, is a princess cloud full of sass, arrogance and lumps that won’t quit. She loves her cloudy form and isn’t afraid to show it. She’s body-positive, and doesn’t care what you think. The Adventure Time fandom is quite taken with her, and rightfully so. Lumpy Space Princess is our new favorite role model.

Don’t Come For Me Unless I Call for You 

LSP don’t take sass from no one. She tries her best to put on a cute face, but if someone upsets her, especially by body-shaming, she won’t be afraid to bite back. Check out how this artist captures her mean mug perfectly.


Image Source: Tommasodispigna/Tumblr

My Lumps, My Lumps, My Lumps, Check It Out

If LSP had an actual human form, you know she would turn it out! *cue Z snap*

She’s not known for being shy about the lumps her parents gave her. She’s filled with confidence and would embrace every curve in her new human form. LSP better werk!


Image Source: thetinyhoboart/Tumblr


Image Source: the-walking-adventure/Tumblr


Image Source: Marilo Delgado


Image Source: Selanpike/Tumblr

Oh My Glob

Can someone do us a favor here at Worship The Fandom and turn this fan art into a temporary tattoo? Because we need this in our lives for every time we don’t feel like taking your blobby attitude.


Image Source: ehrenstillman/tumblr

What’s Cookin Good Lookin?

We’ve never seen anyone look as lumpin' good as LSP. She looks sickening 24/7. She never talks down about herself or features. Of course self-love and confidence are not easy to develop overnight, but taking notes from LSP will help. Never change LSP, never change. 


Image Source: trickybanditqueen/tumblr

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