How The 100 went from teen soap to one of the top dramas on TV

While perusing my recommendations on Netflix, I kept seeing the same title over and over again...The 100. I decided to throw it up on in the background while I cleaned my room. Now let me just say, no cleaning occurred. In about 10 hours, I had completed the entire first season. It wasn’t long until I was deep into the second season.

In The 100, space is no longer the final frontier, returning to Earth is. 90 years after Earth’s apocalypse, The last surviving humans live on a space station dubbed The Ark. As the space station runs out of air, all broken rules become capital offenses. The Ark commanders decide that rather than execute a group of juvenile delinquents they will send them back to Earth. Epic, right?

To my delight, I discovered that most of the Tumblr world was well acquainted with the awesomeness that is The 100. The action is top notch and the drama is even more tantalizing. This show might have originally been written for YA audiences, but it’s transformed into one of the top dramas on television. 


In this post-apocalyptic drama, Clarke Griffin is the well educated daughter of the space station’s doctor and a juvenile delinquent. During her time in space, Clarke assists her father in a rebellious scheme which resulted in his execution and her arrest. Clarke is sentenced to join the other delinquents and realizes that on ground the rules are not always black and white… especially when facing the dangerous inhabitants of Earth.

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Smart, resourceful, and compassionate, Clarke rises as the one of the camp’s leaders. Clarke banishes the camp member, Murphy, for attempted murder of a peer. Where Bellamy seeks blood, Clarke realizes the harshest punishment is to exile him to the unknown woods alone.

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Not only does she put herself in harm’s way countless times for her people, she attempts peaceful negotiations with the Grounders. When the negotiations fail, Clarke helps lead the battle in the fight against the Grounders. Her main goal is to keep herself and her people alive, whatever the costs. She’s certainly someone I’d want on my side during wartime. 


Over the course of two seasons, the 100 has established some of the best ships on television. The couples are diverse and full of drama. While fighting off the unknown on the unexplored Earth, the teens must fight off their incredible angst for one another. Whether it is the hopeful pairing of once rivals, Clarke and Bellamy or the beautiful relationship of Grounder native, Lincoln and Bellamy’s sister, Octavia, the OTPs of The 100 have inspired fan artists across the globe. 

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The relationships reflect the mature scenario that these teens were thrust into. It may be shocking to root for a bunch of 16 year-old couples, but rest assured they aren’t your typical teens. The 100 boldly addresses LGBTQ relationships more so than past CW shows. Our fearless heroine meets her match in grounder, Lexa.

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The chemistry is real, palpable, and completely threatens my season one OTP, Bellaclarke. Bellaclarke versus Clexa might actually divide the fandom.

Clarke will forever be the CW’s first openly bisexual leading lady. As she explores the uncharted Earth, Clarke is mapping her uncharted sexuality and we love it!


The pilot episode of The 100 made it perfectly clear that in this teen drama, no one is safe. Similar in tone to Lost and Game of Thrones, the show-runners demonstrate no hesitation in killing off fan favorites. Popular character Jasper was initially supposed to die off in the pilot, but was brought back after seeing the audience response to the character. However, the fandom has been paying for it ever since by losing main characters seemingly every week.

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After the epic season two finale, we can only brace ourselves for next season. We’re hoping for more epic battles, more romantic entanglements and more mutant animals. And we bet we’ll get it as The 100 was officially picked up for a third season.

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