When Fan Art Collides: The Top 10 Inter-fandom OTPs

What could be better than fan art? Well… not much. (We have, after all, created an entire website dedicated to all things fandom!) While fan art in and of itself is WONDERFUL, this unique sub-genre might just take the cake. Illustrators have begun using their creativity to combine multiple franchises into single pieces of art, and the results are nothing short of perfection. Because, really—between Doctor Who and The Beatles, how could you choose just one?!?!

WARNING: Feels are guaranteed. Proceed with caution.

1. “The Doctors”


Exhibit A, aforementioned. If only they were a real band… *swoon.*

2. Arnold & Helga (Hey Arnold!) / Woody & Bo Peep


Football Head has a new look! Makes us feel sheepish, but then again, we always wanted Helga and Arnold to have a fairytale ending.

3. Batman is going UP!


Batman and Robin: probably the most accurate allusion to Mr. Fredricksen and Russell’s relationship.

4. Buffy vs. Edward


Sorry, Twilight fans—it looks like Buffy expanded her services to the Pacific Northwest.

5. The New Residents of 221B Baker Street


Like Sherlock, Calvin and Hobbes are not psychopaths… just highly functioning sociopaths. Amiright?

6. Thrones and Recreation


The Sigil of House Knope is an idealistic, optimistic, salad-despising raccoon -- and she’ll make sure there’s a national park in every corner of Westeros – whether any of us like it or not.

7. Harry Potter (and the Big Four)


The “Big Four”: a fandom crossover of four major Disney/DreamWorks animated films, including Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Rapunzel (Tangled), Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon), and Merida (Brave). Got that? Now imagine them as characters from Harry Potter. The result? Pure magic.

8. Gomez’s Burgers OR The Belcher Family


*Analyzes mental list of similarities between Louise and Wednesday*

9. Bring me Han (Jake the dog and Finn the human) Solo!


Looks like Lumpy Space Princess is having another teenage temper tantrum. Leia is not amused.

10. “Fancy Meeting You Here”


Now that’s what we call a hairy Spidey ship!

11. The X-Muppets


After all, Wolverine technically is an animal, and Beaker is no stranger to blowing everything up.

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