We break down all the geek subscription boxes for you

Subscription boxes. You can get them for pretty much anything nowadays from pet boxes to makeup boxes, herb gardens, vegan snacks, monthly shave clubs, even apocalypse prep boxes. It’s like a wine of the month club for people who are sick of wine of the month clubs.

Now you can get your geek on every month with some pretty amazing fandom-related subscription boxes that are popping up across the internet. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to give you the breakdown on what you’ll get each month.

For the Heroes




This box was designed for heroes, by heroes. No, seriously-HeroCrate is Veteran founded, owned, and operated. Instead of focusing on Marvel or DC, HeroCrate is an all-inclusive hero subscription ranging from comics to film to video games. In addition, their new subscription service VillainCrate is coming soon with everything you’ll need to start to take over the world.*

*Or just have a really great time with some cool merch.

Cost: $29.99/month or $27.99/month if you order three months
What’s included: An “epic t-shirt” guaranteed, 3-6 mystery items
Past box themes and goodies: Every month focuses on a different hero and everything that comes is directly related to him or her.

Mario Box


Captain America Box


Jedi Box


For the Gamers

NerdBlock ArcadeBlock



Just one of NerdBlock’s many geeky subscriptions, ArcadeBlock is sure to impress gamers of all kinds, no matter which console you choose (this includes Atari). Hand-picked by a team of self-proclaimed “uber-nerds” ArcadeBlock offers real licensed merchandise for both the competitive and casual gamers.

Cost: $19.99/month
What’s included: A t-shirt, various video game toys, and collectables
Past box themes and goodies: Every month includes a variety of video game paraphernalia.


For the Multifandom Trash




LootCrate is designed for the ultimate crossover fans. Whether you’re a Whovian, a Potterhead, or just love classic movies, LootCrate stocks you up with a whole bunch of swag from your favorite characters, all centered around a different theme each month that could be as specific as “Hero” or as abstract as “Rewind.”

Cost: Between $11.95-$13.95 per month depending on your subscription plan
What’s included: Shirts, gear and gadgets
Past box themes and goodies: Every month has a different theme, and the boxes are put together from different fandoms that all correlate.

Fantasy Crate


Rewind Crate


Fear Crate


For the Fashionable Fans

Fandom of the Month Club



For those who like to show their support with a little bling, The Fandom of the Month Club will hook you up with some beautiful jewelry. They’re a family-owned and operated business, so they reach their cap pretty quickly, and we can see why.1

Cost: $13/month
What’s included: Fandom-inspired jewelry
Past box themes and goodies: With each month brings a different set of hand-selected jewelry for the month’s fandom.


So no matter which fandom you pledge your allegiance, there is a subscription box to satisfy your inner fanboy or fangirl!