Fandom logo designs that we need in our lives

Fan artists have always found fun and unique ways to show their love for their favorite characters and reimagine the worlds they see on screen. Now, graphic design aficionados are making beautiful, brand-inspired homages to their fandoms by imagining the logos for the fictional businesses they might start if they weren’t busy banking demons, raising dragons, or restoring order to Gotham.

Check out some of the amazingly creative brand design these talented artists created for their favorite fandoms.

Game of Firms

Israeli graphic designer Mordi Levi has been a fan of Game of Thrones since season one and as one with an eye for design began to notice that each house’s sigil was essentially a logo for the family. So, to keep himself busy between seasons, he turned Westeros into a corporate landscape, complete with what kind of company each house would ideally run, and even incorporating the house words into their brand identities.


House Stark’s winter apparel for when the North gets hit with the inevitably long winter, complete with a white direwolf logo.


We’d fly ArrynAir over RyanAir any day-just as long as there are no moon doors in the cockpit.

They say find what you love and let it kill you, which is just what King Robert did. We heard that this wine pairs nicely with some wild boar.


The night may be dark and full of terrors, but with the Night’s Watch flashlight, you’ll never have to make your rounds in the dark again.



I’m in the Saving People Business

Some people prefer to imagine what it would be like if their favorite characters had business cards, which can be particularly interesting in the Superhero realms of Marvel and DC. What would they say? How do they communicate effectively what they do while maintaining their personal lives? Well, Ryan Lewis takes the “secret” out of “secret identities” with his super cool collection of Hero Business Cards.


No need for contact information here. Chances are, when he’s around you’ll know it.


Batman’s business card is as dark and brooding as anything you would expect from the Caped Crusader, and his shout out to Gotham is oddly touching.


In case you ever need an amateur photographer who can also build you a life-sized web. Heck, maybe you need a photo-shoot ON a life-sized web. He’s friendly, he won’t judge.

If you’re in the Detroit area and need a Hellspawn for hire, look no further:



Swing or do not, there is no try

Sports fan and graphic designer Mark Avery Kenny is no stranger to making creative logo mashups. In the past, he’s brought Disney to the NHL, Pokemon to the NCAA, and has given the Shire its own sports league. One of his more recent projects is this crossover between MLB teams and Star Wars — two sets of fandoms that might not often be seen together, yet go surprisingly well, especially given some subtext.


No one’s going to argue that the Yankees aren’t an empire. Though, when they plan on striking back remains to be seen.


This one’s a bit more obvious, but an awesome fusion of Alderaan and Missouri Royalty nonetheless.



Is he trying to imply that the White Sox have no aim? You can see all 30 MLB mashups on Mark’s Instagram feed, plus his other awesomely creative projects.

Local Legends

Artist Kamicon has taken her love for the hit show Supernatural and created beautiful art prints for the businesses she imagines some of the main characters would open. By pairing custom logo designs with gorgeous photographic images, she brings a small business feeling to a show famous for its exploration of small-town urban legends.


As long as he’s not selling the honey naked, covered in bees, we’d probably try it. (Oh, who are we kidding, we’d buy it either way.)


Hopefully the hunting equipment they sell is specialized enough for what they do. Maybe they’ll throw in a free 12-pack of salt rounds.



For when your car isn’t just your car — it’s your baby. You wouldn’t trust just any old idjit with it.

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