Very important official list of the top ten butts in fandom

It’s no secret that fandom loves a great butt. Whether it’s decked out in tight black denim, medieval leather, or starfleet regulation, a good butt is always a good thing.

In the spirit of Tina Belcher, I present with complete sincerity and appreciation, the Very Important Official list of the Top Ten Best Men's Butts in Fandom, as illustrated by fan artists.


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10. Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s Butt

He’s got the best booty on the starship and everyone knows it. Especially him.


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9. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III’s Butt

Look, Astrid Hofferson ain’t nobody’s fool. You think she’d lock down that Scottish beau if his dragon-riding butt weren’t on point?


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8. Bilbo Baggins’ Butt

He’s Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins. The bravest little hob-butt of them all. This artist had the right idea with the booty shorts. Pretty sure Thorin would approve.


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6 & 7. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson’s Butts

Some people bump butts for funsies, and some people bump butts for freedom. Here’s a butt sandwich that Steve Rogers would like to take a big bit out of.


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5. One Direction’s Butts

Okay, do we have to pick just one? Maybe you like Niall, maybe Harry, probably Zayn. There’s a butt for everyone in this group. The best part is, that everyone’s always talking about their hair, so they don’t even know they’re butt-iful. That’s what makes them butt-iful.


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4. Sherlock Holmes’ Butt

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sherlock’s got a fantastic sher-butt. Average everyday citizens like you, me, and Jawn are sure to notice as well. That’s what the attitude is for, after all. All this time, the brusqueness was simply a finely honed defense mechanism to ward off interest in his rear end.


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3. Team Free Will’s Butts

The butts of Supernatural must be angels, because they can resurrect me with a single touch. There’s a battalion of badass bums in Team Free Will, but we’re gonna throw extra love toward the brotherly bottoms of Sam and Dean Winchester. Ten seasons of cherry derriere has not gone unappreciated.


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2. Teen Wolf’s Butts

Whether you’re into butts or haunches, Teen Wolf’s got your hindquarters needs covered. Between the werewolf butts, banshee butts, foxy kitsune butts, and Stiles, there’s a furry fanny for you on this show.



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1. Hawkeye’s Butt

Thanks to the ingenius Hawkeye Initiative, we’ve seen Hawkeye’s butt from a thousand different angles as artists parody sexist comic book illustrations by putting Hawkeye in the same position a female character takes.

Thus, we know that booty well.


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