Here's what your favorite character looks like in a holiday sweater

It's the coziest time of the year! Some very talented fan artists have re-imagined your favorite characters in their coziest and most festive iterations.


Christmas wishes come true! Our favorite truth seekers are finally showing their true affection, as well as, their holiday spirit!

ugly sweater1

Image Source: PennyDreadfull

Turtle Power

It looks like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dudes are having a pretty raucous Christmas jam, though Raphael doesn't seem to be in the spirit. Hopefully they ordered enough pizza!

ugly sweater 2 

Image Source: Nothing But TMNT 

One Pattern

Harry Styles might be blending into the background, but he certainly still stands out.

ugly sweater 3

Image Source: Neon//Diamonds

Not Trippin'

Thranduil's sweater is not only festive, but much more practical for holiday partying than his usual robes.

ugly sweater 4

Image Source: N1njaG1rl

A Family of Idjits

Dean might have put up a fight when Sam asked him to put this sweater on, but we know that he secretly thinks Team Free Will looks slamming in their matching threads.

ugly sweater 6

Image Source:

Sweater- batch

This sweater is pretty obnoxious, but Sherlock looks as handsome and charming as ever.

ugly sweater 7

Image Source: Could Be Dangerous

Ho ho ho

Even the Black Widow has some Christmas sprit.

ugly sweater 8

Image Source: Lotolle

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