Fandom Christmas trees to geek out over

Looking at your tree this Christmas, are you concerned it's looking a little, well, muggle-ish? You have a rich inner fan life, it's time to express that passion through your Christmas tree. Add a little Donna to your Noble Fir, a little Adams to your Douglas. Below, we've found some great examples to inspire you.

A Groot and Mighty Wonder

Okay, to pull this off, you're going to need a stuffed Rocky Raccoon, a Groot mask, a string of lights, and that guy's leg. No, not really that guy's leg, but it's the only thing that could improve this tree cosplay.

DEC18 WTFA groottree 500

Image Source: witchcraftywolfen

Luke, I am Your Father Christmas

Christmas trees enjoy a long and storied tradition in Western culture, celebrated for the nostalgic holiday memories, festive scent, and... anthropomorphic possibilities? Here, we have a Christmas tree, ostensibly celebrating the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, dressed as American Film Institute's third greatest movie villain in cinema history, Darth Vader. Just like Grandma used to do.


Dalek the Halls

Let's never mind for a moment that Doctor Who literally had an episode where Christmas Trees kill people, but okay, yeah, let's make a tree-Dalek instead. Any excuse to spray paint a plunger metallic gold, right?


How The Grinch Tree Grew Your Christmas Heart

'Tis the season to indulge. Eat that whole plate of cookies, put on a few pounds, stretch out your favorite yoga pants. And let your damn heart grow three sizes with an incredibly adorable Grinch Christmas Tree.


Yes Virginia, there is a Doctor

Guys seriously, a whole episode about murderous Christmas trees. Okay, but this tree's pretty spot-on, down to the TARDIS-blue fake needles. And they managed to hew to the Doctor Who theme without straying from a cohesive color scheme. Fannish and design-oriented.

DEC18 WTFA doctorwhotree

Source: Kookookitty on deviantart

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Look at those pink walls, those aqua doors. This isn't just a Barbie Christmas tree, it's a Barbie house, a Barbie lifestyle, a real life Barbie World. Hopefully Ken's stoking the fire, and then your life (and mine) would be perfect.


How to make a DIY Christmas tree for the YA fan:

Step one, cut down a tree.
Step two, pulp it, cut it, glue it. Now it's a book.
Step three, write an emotionally resonant, non-stop thrill ride set in fantastical future world where the government has drastically overreached onto the personal lives of its citizens, especially the rebellious teenaged ones. Print it on the book.
Step four, capture the imagination of millions.
Step five: Reform books into shape of tree.

The circle of life, YA fandom edition.


Harry Christmas to All

It's December 1st and you're trimming the ol' Spruce with the bae. It's tasteful this year, crimson and gold. Clean, minimal. Your bf is like "lol, Cynthia, wut, no weird Harry Potter ornaments this year? Found your chill?" And you reach into your Christmas box and you pull out that majestic Sorting Hat and you're like, "Nah bro, you didn't know? This entire tree is Gryffindor af."


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