Your new favorite TV character is on Supernatural

Claire Novak is the newest fan favorite character on Supernatural, a show full of fan faves. On the series for all of two episodes already, her angsty teenage spirit and iconic hairstyle has captured the imagination of the Supernatural fandom.

The fandom rallied around the character, played by Kathryn Newton, who is the daughter of Jimmy Novak, the good-hearted man who died lending his body for Castiel’s use. Claire’s angry, sparky grit is very Winchesterly, but her youth and gender stands in stark contrast to the rest of the older male cast. It’s a wonderful change of pace for a show that seems to have a much shorter life expectancy for its female characters than male.


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After a failed spinoff attempt last year, CW President Mark Pedowitz has indicated he’s open to another spinoff approach. Whether or not the suits at the network are considering Claire as an option is unknown, but many fans are open to the idea.

If you’d like to see a Claire Novak spinoff, you can vote for her in Geekiary’s online poll. In the meantime, enjoy the love the fandom’s artists have been turning toward Claire in recent weeks and tune in next week to see whether Claire can survive the rest of season ten on Supernatural.


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