Femslash 101 – Girl Pairings That You Should Start Shipping Immediately (If You Don’t Already)

If there’s one thing fans love to talk about, it’s shipping.

Which two characters stared at each other a little too long, which character cried when they thought the other died, who talks just a little too much about how they supposedly hate the other - it’s half of what makes movie and television watching so fun, especially when there’s a twist to it. Gay canons and fanons are a fun, empowering ways for queer fans to see a little of themselves in their faves.

But where is all the love for ladies loving ladies? Enough with Destiel and Drarry and Sterek. If you’ve wanted to start adding some girl power to your LGBT headcanons, fear not. I have compiled a Femslash 101, if you will. Let’s begin.

Clexa, The 100


Image source: Pinterest 

Who knew when this post-apocalyptic drama on CW started that we would end up with one of the coolest femslash moments of the year – Clarke/Lexa? These two find time amongst rebuilding the Earth to settle – or not settle – some rising tensions between them.

Korrasami, The Legend of Korra


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It’s hard to pick just one reason to love Korra and Asami. Is it because they’re an interracial couple? Is it because bisexuality is actually being acknowledged? Is it because they’re canon? Okay, a lot of it is because they’re canon. But they’re also an all around a great couple, with creators that completely support them and their fans.

Allydia, Teen Wolf


Image source: DeviantArt 

Teen Wolf is a fruitful paradise of shipping. Pick any two characters and there will be fanfiction written about it, guaranteed. One of the advantages of this, along with the amazing female characters the show has to offer, is the potential for femslash. This is a tough show to pick just one from, but let’s go with the absolute, heartbreaking classic: Allison Argent and Lydia Martin. Best friends that could’ve been more, but we’ll never know for sure.

Karmy, Faking It


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MTV’s Faking It has taken faux dating tropes and given them a wonderful lesbian twist. The true delight in this show is doing something we all love – knowing that pretend dating will soon lead to feelings, which will lead to real dating. Or just a lot of emotional confusion. And dating other people. Either way, we’re rooting for Amy x Karma as our original OTP on this show.

Doccubus, Lost Girl


Image source: DeviantArt 

How about we take a sexy bisexual succubus and pair her with a hot lesbian human doctor, add in a ton of life or death scenarios, make them have emotionally vulnerable moments with each other that they’ve never had with anyone else, aka make them basically fall in love - without it ever being canon??? Go ahead, we dare you to watch this show and not scream at your screen for Bo and Lauren to get together.

Brittana, Glee


Image source: FanPop 

Brittany and Santana had a long, long ride. From platonic closeness to mixed feelings, to true love, to more mixed feelings and even a marriage, they have been one of the most enduring relationships on Glee. Don’t we all wish we could’ve scored a soulmate in high school?

Vauseman, OITNB


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Orange is the New Black consistently features women of different races, religions, and sexualities. This is truly a unique show where LGBT pairings run wild. Piper/Alex, Piper/Stella, Alex/Nicky, Nicky/Lorna, maybe even some Poussey/SoSo next season. So where to even begin? Let’s go with the one that started this whole she-bang: Alex Vause and Piper Chapman.

Bechloe, Pitch Perfect 1 & 2


Image Source: DeviantArt 

This isn’t technically canon, but it may as well be. Musically inclined Beca can’t seem to hide her true colors anytime she’s around women, especially fellow Barden Bella Chloe. From naked shower duets to alcohol-fueled parties, it’s impossible not to see Beca and Chloe performing “Bi Bi Bi” together.

Wait, what do you mean that’s not the name of the song?

Pangie, Agent Carter


Image source: Tumblr

Let’s be honest, we were all sold from the beginning on this adorable pairing of maybe-more-than-friends, Peggy + Angie. Sure, the only lady kiss on the show hasn’t been between them, but we’re still hopping. Peggy Carter, the titular character in Agent Carter, is a badass lady that happened to get a little affection from the girl (literally) next door. Here’s hoping to an exploration of 1940s female sexuality in seasons to come!

Namanita, Sense8


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Lesbians? Check. Interracial couple? Check. Transgender woman? Check. Nomi and Amanita are the kind of representation rarely seen on television screens. Not only is it progressive of Netflix’s Sense8 to portray a couple like this, but it’s also kick ass that the characters are fiercely protective of each other and extremely open-minded. Not to mention adorable. #goals