Make your own Gravity Falls themed cookies out of a coke can (VIDEO)

Gravity Falls Season 2 ends this summer. Get ready for your finale party by making a big plate of woodsy Oregon cookies for your guests.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

- an aluminum can (one can makes 1-2 cookie cutters)
- scissors
- needle-nose pliers
- straight edge (like a ruler)
- Gravity Falls cookie cutter template

Step one: drink all the soda and rinse out the cans. Use the scissors to cut off the top of the can, then down the side and around the bottom so you have a nice flat plane.

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Cut the plane in half to end up with two strips. Be careful at this stage — the edges are sharp.

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Next, fold the edges over your straight edge and press them down so you don’t cut yourself while you’re making cookies.

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Take your needle-nose pliers and bend the strip into the right shape. This part takes a little muscle. If you’re making larger cookie cutters, you may need to connect two strips by either bending the edge of the strips over each other, or using a small piece of scotch tape.

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When you reach the end, cut off any excess strip, and bend the ends together to lock them in place.

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Then, use them to cut your cookies, bake, and enjoy!

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