Top 8 Gifts for the Fanfiction Author In Your Life

You know that person in your life. They’re constantly hunched over their laptop typing away, or frantically scribbling a few words in a notebook during class, ready to provide heartbreaking headcanons, or come up with a better line than what actually happened--they are your fanfiction writing friend. And they deserve gifts this holiday season that inspire them to write like never before.


Just Write One Page Poster, 18.00, The Dreamy Giraffe on
Motivational posters are the best, especially when they inspire someone to churn out more words. One look at this quote, and your friend will want to pick up that WIP they’ve been dreading for months. Hopefully.


Tea-3P0, From 4.00,
What better way to encourage your writer friend than with a signature geeky drink? Brew up a cup of this Star Wars themed bev for a warm welcome to a galaxy far, far away.

Writing Applications
If there’s one thing writers love to do more than write, it’s researching better ways to do it. Save them the time by skimming this list and picking one out that you know they’d love. Affinity for retro? Turn their computer into a virtual typewriter.

Wanting to stick to a routine? Try an app that tracks daily numbers. There’s something for everyone.

Winchester Ouija Board Blanket, 59.00,
Nothing is more comforting than snuggling up under a big, warm blanket that reminds you of your favorite fandom. With this blanket, maybe the fandom can even talk back!


TARDIS Fingerless Gloves Pattern, 3.00, Honest Puck on
Speaking of being warm and cozy, cold weather means writing hands need to stay warm to do their job! If you’re the crafty type, try knitting your fanfiction buddy some Dr. Who inspired gloves to do the trick.

Marauder’s Map Journal, 12.00, MTSpaces on
I solemnly swear I’m up to no good! Well, unless “good” is jotting down plot outlines and doodling sketches of my OC. Get your friend writing with a brand new notebook that will make them feel like they’re transported straight to Hogwarts.


Spotify Premium, 3 months for .99
This one isn’t exactly a handmade nerdy craft. However, any good writer knows that the proper background soundtrack is key to a good writing flow. With Spotify Premium, your friend can queue up all the dramatic movie soundtracks needed to write that final battle scene!


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, 18.99
Last but not least, sometimes those words just won’t flow. Your friend feels the pressure to complete their latest fic but isn’t sure if it’s all worth it. Send him or her towards this lovely novel that highlights the importance of friendship, determination and, yes, fanfiction.