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Join the fight for copyright protection for fan-produced work.

Do authors have the final authority or do the characters actually belong to the fans?

From people who talk about fandom as much as you do.

Sit down for a nice hot cuppa nerdiness.

You’ll never guess where Draco ended up.

Suddenly, there’s money in fanfiction.

You’re gonna want to put these on.

If you ever thought that Severus Snape was actually super creepy in his pursuit of Lily Potter, you're not alone.

Racebending characters through fan art is a way to stake a place in a culture that often ignores the fact that people of color exist.

Celebrating the communities of fans so passionate they generate art, fiction, discussion, and obsession over their favorite movies.

Pretty sure that character would be more interesting as a woman...

I think I just joined the ink fandom.

What if you could still hang out with your favorite fantasy characters without all the drama and danger of fantasy worlds? Enter Modern AU fan art.