In the Broad City vs. Girls matchup, Abbi and Ilana are champs

We’re obsessed with Broad City, and here’s why: it’s amazing. Plain and simple. Finally, a light-hearted slacker/stoner comedy—with female protagonists. But we’re here to talk about the popular argument surrounding BC—since Abbi and Ilana’s migration from the hilarious, low budget webseries to the widely popular Comedy Central show, we’ve seen a lot of fans making cases to compare the two to HBO’s Girls. Sure, Lena Dunham’s offbeat dramedy has its rightful place in the hearts of struggling 20-somethings, but we’re here to settle the score, once and for all. Here are the top five reasons why we think a couple of Jewish stoner queens trump the Girls any day.

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Image Source: NYU Local


Broad City celebrates the pros of friendship, Girls tends to focus a little too much on the cons. There are no plot lines that revolve around a break-up-and-make-up, as opposed to the frenemy-esque relationships between Hannah Horvath and her gang of girlfriends. The tight bond between Abbi and Ilana is the baseline of the entire show—it has been firmly established long before the audience even arrives, and remains a constant throughout. Every main conflict that the hilarious duo are faced with revolves around literally anything other than petty arguments or misunderstandings—unsanitary roommates’ boy-friends, clogged toilets, and wisdom tooth surgery make up just a few. The stakes are low with these two.


Romantic relationships are definitely not a central theme of Broad City. In fact, falling in love seems to barely even make it into the top 5. In order, Abbi and Ilana’s priorities include each other, weed, casual hook-ups, Bed Bath & Beyond, and then maybe catching the feels. They still have lots of sex—probably more than the average person in the real world—but it’s on their terms. They are brutally unapologetic and proud of their sexuality, and not afraid to kick someone to the curb for any reason other than boredom. After all, Abbi and Ilana are each other’s soulmates (see priority #1).


Abbi and Ilana have no money and absolutely no idea what they’re doing with their lives, but they don’t complain, nor do they really care. Whereas in Girls, whether it’s money, boys, or lofty career goals, you can always count on Hannah or Marnie to be bitching about at least one of them, if not all three. Our friends Abbi and Ilana don’t have time to complain about their minimum wage jobs—they’re too busy trying to sell stolen office supplies for weed money.


Nudity and graphic content are used in Broad City purely for giggles. To be blunt, there’s a lot of nudity in Girls. Which is awesome. Nudity is fun, we dig it. Especially when the bodies (male and female) don’t look like they belong to models or porn stars. Girls has undoubtedly revolutionized the ‘gaze’ of the camera from an over-sexualized, objectifying perspective to a simple, realistic representation of the human body. You go, Lena—but some scenes just don’t need it. It’s almost as if the presence of nudity itself in Girls is the statement, which gets kind of old. Broad City takes a different approach, and uses nudity for comedic effect. And it works! If you don’t believe us, try not to laugh while watching the girls clean a creepy Craigslist dude’s apartment in their underwear for $200.


The setting of Girls could really be anywhere— New York is used mainly as backdrop for the many squabbles between the main cast of characters. Broad City, on the other hand, could not exist anywhere else. In Abbi and Ilana’s world, NYC should be given it’s own IMDb credit. The city is not only the setting of the show, but an integral character in each episode. They ride the subway, live in cramped apartments, get kicked out of dog parks, and reminisce about the one time “that dude puked on you.” It has a certain grungy charm.