Zayn Malik is totally understandably obsessed with Zayn Malik fan art

Former One Directioner Zayn Malik cannot stop tweeting his own fan art. And its adorable.

Earlier this month, the Bradford Bad Boy began changing his Twitter icon to fan art of himself. Its no surprise, hes long been known as the art-lover of the group, the walls of his house covered in his own paintings. The first fan art icon he chose was this lovely digital painting by vulcains.

who proceeded to have a happy meltdown at the discovery that her art was being exalted by Zayn himself.

Then, in a perfect move, she got herself a mug with the tweet printed on it.

Image Source: vulcains

(The tweet mugs are no longer for sale, but you can get your own Zayn mug from her Society 6 store)

Zayns streak of benevolence continued when he changed his profile yet again, this time to 

And on his birthday, he changed his picture to a hyper-realistic colored pencil drawing by artistiq.

He then briefly changed his icon to this detailed black and white pen drawing by shawty. Shawtys response was, simply, “ IT IS UNREAL *__*


Image Source: shawty

In addition to changing his icon, hes also been tweeting his favorite pieces, like this one from cyrilliart.

Cyrilliart commented on the tweet on her blog shortly afterward, Making people happy through art is what fuels me and Ive managed to reach so many people to do that because of One Direction.Proving once again how powerful fan communities can be in peopleslives.

Zayn's most recent icon is this gorgeous wallpaper by nicetonice.

tumblr ni10pwDFZl1rx8u5so1 500

Image Source: nicetonice 

Zayns warm embrace of the fan art community is a welcoming gesture, especially for fan artists who have been told their creative work is not real art.

While his support is a wonderful symbol, one concrete thing Zayn could easily do to continue to help the fan art community is to credit the artists who are making his icons. Fan artists are rarely able to make a living off their passion, so exposure and credit are important currency for their work. Heres hoping that his next icon comes with a credit and a thanks.

Zayn, if youre reading this looking for some good pieces to use as your next icon, let me make some suggestions of my recent faves. And yes, all these include your brand new smokinhaircut.


Image Source: karukara


Image Source: pasteol


Image Source: zarrygodess


Image Source: kendrawcandraw


Image Source: zainiful


Image Source: lepomiere


Image Source: almightygrl


Image Source: layla-inc

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