Minor character TV deaths we’ll never get over. Ever.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much for a character to win us over, which makes it even more devastating if they get ripped away. Sure, Ned Stark or Walter White’s deaths were rough but who can honestly say that they were the most painful ones on those shows? Here are nine minor characters that left a major hole in our hearts.


1. Steve Gomez, Breaking Bad

People never forget a hero, especially not one as innocent as Steven “Gomie” Gomez, Hank’s right-hand-man on Breaking Bad. Gomie was caught in the crossfires in a tense shootout and wound up dead only moments before Hank. And listen, we can talk all day about how Hank didn’t deserve to die either because they were both just doing their jobs. But Hank was the one who went digging for info on Heisenberg and became obsessed to the point that he would never let go. Gomie was just being a good friend and partner and paid the ultimate price for it.



It’s always heartbreaking when the good guys lose, but killing off Gomez was a slap in the face.



You were the real MVP, Steve.


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2. Karsi, Game of Thrones

Remember in Season 5 of Game of Thrones when international goddess and the woman who made Anna Kendrick question her sexuality in Pitch Perfect 2 Birgitte Hjort Sørensen appeared as the wildling Karsi and the whole GoT fandom was like



And then you remembered exactly what show you were watching.




Oh sweet Karsi. Your time in Westeros was limited, but we’ll never forget you and your badass Wildling ways.




3. Lil’ Sebastian, Parks and Recreation

Even the silliest of comedies have moments of deep sorrow. Parks and Rec’s moment was when Pawnee darling miniature horse, Lil’ Sebastian, died in Season 5.


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Although his death did spawn one of the greatest tribute anthems known to man, 5,000 Candles.

Even if Ben never really “got it.”


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4. Vincent Nigel-Murray, Bones


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HE WAS BONES’S FAVORITE SQINTERN, OKAY? We loved VNM and his poorly timed, yet always interesting facts about anything and everything. When he got caught in the crossfires between Booth and Broadsky and begged for Bones to let him stay it was all we could do not to crawl into a ball and cry because when Temperence Brennan weeps, the fandom weeps.



Okay, yes his death lead to Bones and Booth finally getting together but that would have happened eventually right? Right?

5. Jean Sylvester, Glee

Jean Sylvester, Sue’s older sister with Down Syndrome, was one of the few insights into the cheer coach and Glee club enemy’s personal life. We first met her after a particularly heartwarming moment where Sue gives Becky, a special needs student, the opportunity to be on the cheer team, which Will thinks is a cynical, evil gesture. After Sue insists that maybe it is because she just wants to be treated like everyone else, she goes to see her sister in an assisted living facility.


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In season two, she passed away after a battle with minor pneumonia. Though she was only in a total of six episodes, not including her funeral, she touched the lives of fans who remembered her as one of the most inspiring and heartwarming characters on the show.


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Though still a vehement opposition to the Glee Club, Sue finds comfort in their rendition of her sister’s favorite song “Pure Imagination” at Jeanie’s funeral.

6. The Mother, How I Met Your Mother

We’re still too angry to talk about this but here goes.

Eight seasons of gimmicks and cop-outs and “will they, won’t they” between our lovestruck Ted Moseby and Canadian goddess Robin Scherbatsky culminated in a final season of complete and utter nonsense. We finally meet “The Mother,” played brilliantly by Cristin Milioti, and in the final episode we learn what fans had been calling for seasons: she’s been dead for six years.


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This one isn’t even about being sad… it’s just plain frustrating that after ten years, the mother became just another gimmick to bring Ted back to the woman he’s been pining over the whole time. Not to mention after an entire season focusing on Barnie and Robin’s wedding and how much they’ve grown and changed for each other, for them to simply get divorced was a cop out to bring Ted and Robin back together.

And I call her a minor character because yes, she was a constant lingering presence throughout the duration of the show, but in the end, she was just a plot device.



We’re just going to keep pretending the producers had actually used the alternate ending.

7. Boyd, Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf can be summed up by taking the most damaged characters, fixing them, and then writing them off the show in the most heinous and ridiculous ways. Take Boyd, for example, a season two addition and immediate fan favorite. He was a social outcast that never hurt anyone and Derek took him in and then KILLED HIM. And no, it wasn’t okay.



Why would you add new characters, spend an entire season developing them, and then just get rid of them, Teen Wolf?


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Needless to say, fans had a lot to say about this premature death.



We’re just taking comfort knowing that maybe now he’s back with his only friend.


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8. Quentin, One Tree Hill

Way to take a great character that was making positive changes in his life and just kill him off, One Tree Hill. I mean, we still weren’t over Keith’s death by season 6 and you just ripped out our hearts again.


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What’s more is that Quentin was taken from Tree Hill by a random act of violence at a time in his life that he seemed to be getting himself together. It was a slap in the face for everyone rooting for him to succeed because of his close relationship with Nathan, Haley, and their son Jamie.




In honor of his death, the Ravens play the remainder of their season with only four players to honor their fallen friend.



9. Miss Rosa Cisneros, Orange is the New Black

Season two of Netflix’s critical and fan favorite brought us the backstory for an inmate that has been in the background since episode one. Miss Rosa, the cancer-stricken lifer was one of Piper’s first roommates and was pretty much our favorite because she simply didn’t take anyone’s shit.


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We fell in love even more with the Litchfield Latina as she bonded with an angry teen during chemo sessions, telling him about her Bonnie and (several) Clydes days and how she ended up getting caught.


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When she took out Vee in the season finale in her great escape, she was finally able to fulfill her dream of going out in a blaze of glory.




And it also gave us one of the best uses of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” of all time.

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