Channel Captain America during your next workout to get heroically fit

Working out can feel like a less-than-heroic act, to put it mildly. You’re sweaty, you’re bored, your gym clothes smell and you’re not feeling particularly excited about that next set of reps. What if working out could feel more life changing?

Fear not, fellow gym-goers, I have the perfect solution for you: imagine you’re Steve Rogers.


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The next time you find yourself on a treadmill or the trails behind your house, imagine you’re running laps around the monuments in Washington D.C. With each step you take, you’re getting closer and closer to lapping Sam – again.


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Feeling a little down because you haven’t run in awhile? Hey, Steve Rogers was put in ice for almost seventy years and got himself back in shape! Here’s a Couch to 5K plan that you can follow and imagine Steve had to do the same thing:


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 As shown by Steve, boxing can be stress relieving. I think it’s fairly obvious why it would be inspiring to imagine yourself as Steve in this scenario, but if you need help, just look closely. Steve has pretty great assets.


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You don’t want to break gym equipment, though, so here’s a better plan for getting the most out of that bag time:

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Nothing is worse than sitting at one of those contraptions pulling on a lever and praying muscles will appear. What even are those called, anyway? From now on, let’s call them all log splitters. Every time you pull your arms outwards, downwards, or upwards, imagine you’re splitting a block of wood in half. Way cooler.


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Make sure your posture is correct, though, otherwise your cool moment won’t impress Tony Stark:


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Pushups are the worst. In fact, even Steve would agree with you:


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That doesn’t stop him. He’s the tiniest, skinniest, weakest guy in camp. But he tries the hardest. That, even more than his muscles is what makes him a hero. A beginners guide to pushups might have helped him though:


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The Avengers is about teamwork, so why only exercise alone? The next time you’re hanging with your friends, suggest a game of pickup Frisbee. The disk might not be as large as Captain America’s shield, but it’s the same idea. Run, jump, throw, catch, and be awesome.


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Read up on the rules or make up your own. You could even divide up the teams as such: Avengers versus Loki’s Chitauri army. Whoever wins has to buy the other team shawarma.

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Captain America wouldn’t be much without his team, and those who support him. Just like most of us have to go to work instead of running around saving the world, not every member of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets to do all of the cool stuff. Some people have to help out behind the scenes.

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No matter what your desk job is, you can always stop for five minutes for a quick workout. Close your eyes and imagine you’re working for the Avengers. Steve Rogers would be proud.

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