The Five Stages of Shipping an Unpopular Ship

1. Excitement


What a good! What a show! What chemistry! You mainline an entire season in a single night and watch two characters go from friends to something more, from enemies to the only person the other trusts, from strangers to the start of something new and wondrous. This is storytelling! This is romance! This is most of the reason you even like this show! You reblog every gif of every scene they were ever in together. God when they look at each other you can feel it in your HEART and it is everything, it is life itself, it is all that has ever been worth LIVING FOR and you want to yell it from every rooftop in town that love is BEAUTIFUL and romance is REAL and you are ALIVE.

2. Searching


Okay but surely other people must see this extraordinary romantic potential! Where is the fic? Where are the gifsets of their longing glances, overlaid with lyrics from a sad pop song? Why is the only blog about this ship also a multiship blog? Why is no one else devoting significant time and creative energy to writing fic for you to read and drawing art for you to admire? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE INTERNET!! Why are the few people who ship it actually multishippers who are really more into that other ship you hate? And why is that ship you hate the most popular ship in the fandom? God you see that other ship so much it’s now OFFICIALLY your notp. You can’t even follow any fanblogs of the show itself without that ship being everywhere, and your ship is just a side interest, an also-pairing in someone’s bad AU fic. Even that blogger you found that seemed as into it as you were is REALLY ACTUALLY into it as an OT3 with that character you hate.

Slowly you come to the realization that once again, you are into a rarepair.

3. Determination


You will make this happen if you have to do all the work yourself, dammit! You will write the fic yourself! You will post so much your followers will HAVE to see it. You will bring everyone along on your own, and this ship will get the attention it DESERVES and one day it will be CANON and the haters will have to TAKE THEIR POPULAR SHIP AND SHOVE IT and you will have been RIGHT ALL ALONG, how could you not be? How could this not be REAL?!

4. Grieving


The things you want will never be canon and no else cares about it and will soon forget this ship and this show and tumblr itself and life is a bleak void in which we all wander alone, all we care about forgotten and unseen. You lost followers spamming this ship too much. You lost your affection for the show itself when your ship started to get less screentime. You can’t even watch anymore without feeling empty and heartbroken. What do we do, any of us, with our time on earth?

5. Regrouping


Okay but LISTEN GUYS you found this new show and you cannot even BELIEVE the chemistry between these two characters…