DIY Game of Thrones leather cuff: step-by-step instructions

Winter is coming! Well, not yet, but  You’ll look badass and make sure every stranger you pass sees your Game of Thrones pride. May the House of Stark and the House of Lannister unite to make some bitchin’ wrist cuffs. And, of course the DIY Diva from the upcoming Worship the Fandom web series SUPER FAN PARTY PLAN! Stay tuned!.

What You’ll Need:
-A raven to acquire information… or an internet connection if that’s easier.
-A printing press with color (aka a printer)
-Glossy printer paper
-Artist paper
-A heavy-duty rotary hole punch
-Leather pieces – grab some scraps the next time the kitchen kills a cow for dinner
-Leather trim
-Craft glue
-Black crafting foam

What To Do:

Step 1: Measure around your wrist and cut a leather piece to your desired size.

Step 2: Measure and mark 1.5 cm increments along the long edges of the leather piece.

Step 3: Use the hole punch to punch holes in the leather where you made the marks.

got image1

Step 4: Measure and cut two 25-inch-long pieces of the leather trim.

got image2

Step 5: Loop one piece of trim through the holes on one edge of the leather leaving extra trim on both ends. Repeat with the second piece of trim on the other edge of the leather.

got image3

Step 6: Go online to find and download an image of your favorite Game of Thrones house sigil. Or, if the gods have blessed you with a hand of gold, you can create your own.

Step 7: Print 2 sigils. Make one sigil ¼ an inch larger than the other.

got image4

Step 8: Cut out the larger sigil. Do not try to cut it with your sword, it will not work and you will probably hurt yourself.

Step 9: Place the larger sigil on the crafting foam, outline it, and cut the crafting foam along the outline.

got image5

Step 10: Place the crafting foam on the artist paper, outline it, and cut the artist paper along the outline.

Step 11: Glue the artist paper on the craft foam, colored side up.

Step 12: Glue the smaller sigil on the artist paper, design side up.

got image6

Step 13: Glue the back of the completed sigil to the center of the leather piece.

got image7

Step 14: Wrap the leather piece around your wrist and tie it together using the loose trim pieces on the edges. Wear your bracelet with honor!

If you have no son to offer as a ward, these bracelets are an excellent alternative way to bond your house with another.

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