Britta Lundin

Britta Lundin

Britta Lundin is in the fandom fandom. She's a hella gay feminist filmmaker, passionate about shipping, and most dogs. She tweets at @brittashipsit.

You have a rich inner fan life, it's time to express that passion through your Christmas tree.

Pretty sure that character would be more interesting as a woman...

May the odds, and all that.

Because Vans are made of canvas and are available to in solid white, they make the perfect canvas for crafty artists to create radical wearable fan art.

Nothing ends up happily ever after in The Walking Dead, but we still can be lulled into feeling hopeful.

What if you could still hang out with your favorite fantasy characters without all the drama and danger of fantasy worlds? Enter Modern AU fan art.

These posters look better than most of the billboards on Sunset Boulevard.