Remember that time Hercules was bisexual? Marvel doesn’t.

So, in case you’re a little behind, here’s the sitch with Marvel. You know Hercules? Greek god? 6’5”, 325 pounds? Really freaking strong? Okay, well, he’s always been a bisexual in the Marvel comics… until now.


Image Source: simpleguyfa via DeviantArt

We won’t name names (*cough* Alex Alonso *cough*) but someone at Marvel has decided to throw Hercules back into the closet and declare him 100% hetero. Northstar? Hylas? Wolverine? No, they were just super close friends. In other words, with the steps forward this country has been making in terms of LGBT equality, Marvel has successfully taken a flouncing leap back. Solid job, Marvel, solid job.

But if Marvel can make a bi character straight, they can definitely make a few straight characters bi. In honor of this Hercules fiasco, we’ve decided to bring you a few ways all comics could make its comics a bit more LGBT-friendly.

1. Spiderman


Image credit: whispersofmalice via DeviantArt

We know Peter had a history with Gwen Stacey and Mary Jane Watson, but who’s to say it ended there? Being a superhero can get lonely and Spidey could easily find a friend in more than one place.

2. Batman


Image Source: maxkennedy via DeviantArt

Bruce dates numerous women and is no stranger to dating his enemies, but none of them seem to stick. Perhaps a woman’s touch just isn’t what he needs.

3. Batman and Robin


Image Source: colours07 via DeviantArt

Honestly though, who hasn’t considered this one.

4. Daken


Image Source: olybear via DeviantArt

If Daken kills without discrimination, he could love without discrimination, right?

5. The Hulk


Image Source: ladynorthstar via DeviantArt

All Bruce Banner needs is a little love, no matter what gender it comes from.

6. Storm


Image Source: olybear via DeviantArt

Storm and Yukio were close friends, but Yukio’s carefree spirit and Storm’s pure badassery would make them a killer couple.

See, Marvel? There’s more than one way to change a storyline. Perhaps next time you alter a character trait, you alter it in a way that’s more progressive?